Self-Publishing – sales and marketing

It’s time for some summer madness – or it could be summer sanity, actually. Those in the know advise that it’s a good idea to experiment with your eBook sales and marketing strategy. 

So, I’ve decided to reduce the price of my novel from $2.99 to $1.50 – that’s around 95p in GBP. This also means that I have to take a massive cut in Amazon KDP royalties – from 70p per sale to 0.35p per sale. However, as I’m looking to increase my market share and get my work read by as many folk as possible, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Deep breath…

I’ve also added a bracketed genre suffix to the title so the novel is now called ‘The Trespass (an Archaeological Mystery Thriller)’. This gives the prospective buyer an immediate hook into the contents. Additionally I’ve highlighted the price cut in the novel’s Amazon description paragraph and provided a pointer at the foot of the description to my children’s novel, ‘The Ley Lines of Lushbury’.

Now it’s just a question of waiting to see if there is any positive impact on sales.