‘Black December’ – released 19th November 2011

DCI Brendan Moran, world-weary veteran of 1970s Ireland, is recuperating from a near fatal car crash when a murder is reported at Charnford Abbey.

The abbot and his monks are strangely uncooperative, but when a visitor from the Vatican arrives and an ancient relic goes missing the truth behind Charnford’s pact of silence threatens to expose not only the abbey’s haunted secrets but also the spirits of Moran’s own troubled past . . .

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Black December

Black December

3 Responses to “‘Black December’ – released 19th November 2011”

  1. Edward G. Talbot

    Hi Scott –

    I kept seeing The Trespass show up in my “also boughts” on Amazon US, so I took the plunge and read it. It was excellent, and I just left you a review. Just picked up Black December – it’s behind a few things in my massive TBR list, but I’m looking forward to it.

    Take care,


    • scotthunterbooks

      Hi Ed!

      Your comment is timely as I was beginning to worry about the lack of feedback from the US! So glad you enjoyed it and many thanks for the positive review. I hope you enjoy ‘Black December’ when you get to it! Best regards, Scott

  2. Edward G. Talbot

    Scott –

    I think that action/puzzle thrillers tend to get fewer reviews than most other genres in the U.S. Out of 3000 copies of my two thrillers sold in 2011, I have 12 reviews. That isn’t too bad, but most of them are from the many review blogs I submitted to and review copies I gave away. I think it speaks to having to build a fan base over time that you can reach by email or facebook or the like.