How to amend a .mobi file

Quick Edit of .mobi file – Tech Tip #1

So, you have your new .mobi file ready to roll, lovingly converted from your MS Word manuscript by some kindly soul you met at Costa while having a de-stress session from writing (see earlier post).

Or maybe they’ve charged you a small fee.

Or a large one.

Fair enough. Anyway, it’s done.

All you have to do now is upload it to Amazon.

Then you spot it. The typo on page 5 . . .

Don’t despair.

A quick fix can be done like this:

1. Using a free program called Calibre, open the .mobi file and convert it to .epub.
2. Change the file extension of epub file to .zip.
3. Open the zip folder.
4. Edit the specific html file in Wordpad containing the stuff you want to change.
5. Overwrite the old html file with the amended one.
[It will be called filename _xxx.html or similar – you’ll see lots of these files]
6. Change the .zip file ext back to .epub.
7. Using Calibre again, convert the epub file back to .mobi.
8. Check results in Kindle reader to make sure all is OK.