At last – an update

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote anything on this blog page. I say that every time.

Well, here we are, right in the middle of a highly unanticipated situation across the entire globe. I only hope and pray that the virus will be conquered more rapidly and efficiently than current forecasts from scientists and those in the know suggest.

But we all need a little diversion in these lockdown days. To that end I had planned to begin a FB Live narration of Jerome K Jerome’s classic, Three Men In A Boat, but was struck down by some virus-or-other just after I’d decided to go for it  (not the virus, I don’t think – but who can tell?). Anyway, I will definitely make a start on the narration soon.

Thanks for all the kind comments about The Enemy Inside, the new DCI Brendan Moran novella. It was an interesting experience creating a smaller, more intense plot than usual. I hope it fills in a few gaps about Moran’s past. And maybe we’ll see a bit more of Joe Gallagher in future … but I mustn’t say any more about that … not yet, anyway.

Many of you have asked if DCI Brendan Moran #7 is on its way, and the answer to that is definitely yes, but it will be a while yet. It will be a much longer novel, so my guess for a publication date is roughly February 2021.

In the meantime, there’s the new box set, The Irish Detective 2 (which includes a brand new short story) – and don’t forget to try The Trespass (if you haven’t yet read it) – it’s available free on Kindle Unlimited and is notable for featuring an early prototype of your – by now familiar – Irish Detective.

If AudioBooks are your thing, don’t forget that Black December is available in Audio format – as indeed is The Trespass.

That’s all for now – do take care and keep safe. I’ll see you on FB Live, hopefully very soon.