January 2022 – New Series Update

Cameron Kyle has a small problem.

It’s around 2mm wide and stuck in the middle of his brain.

A bullet fragment; the same bullet that killed his best buddy wasn’t finished when it exited his body.

A 1.5mm chunk still had enough velocity to enter Kyle’s skull, where it came to rest in the third ventricle (that’s not good).

If it stays put, no problem.

If it moves … well, that could be the end for – and the end of – Kyle.

Trouble is, neither he nor the medics have any idea if and when any movement might occur.

And it’s inoperable – lodged way too deep for any neurosurgeon to extract.

So, contact sports are right off the agenda (Kyle was a keen rugby player before the incident).

And, of course, he’s lost his job (as a Detective Constable in the Essex Constabulary), invalided out with his colleagues’ sympathy and best wishes ringing in his ears – or is that the bullet talking?

To cap it all, his ex-fiancee is now living with a Swedish painter.

Can things get any worse?

Oh yes, you can bet on it.

Much, much worse…

But before they do, something very odd happens…

Very odd indeed…

The Fragile Cage, the first in a brand new series featuring ex-DC Cameron Kyle, will be out on 30th June 2022