Life in the glass cube

They’re crammed into a huge glass cube. They can’t move a muscle; ten million others press against them, all fighting for room, all shouting the same thing – it’s hard to hear exactly what because the noise is deafening. Outside the glass, fast-moving shapes zoom in, take a quick look, and zoom away again. This… Read more »

Remembering the Western Front

I don’t know what it is that fascinates me about the First World War – particularly the Western Front and the carnage of the battle which has become known simply by the name of the nondescript river near which it was fought – The Somme. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because my… Read more »

Audiobooks hit the mainstream!

OK, so it’s been a while. But every so often a man needs to diversify a little to placate the bank manager, if you know what I mean. No? Not to worry, on with the news: Firstly, the fabulous Catherine O’Brien has completed audio narration of ‘The Ley Lines of Lushbury’ – available NOW from… Read more »

The Wonder of Rome

This is one of many blog posts which will run for four days from 15th-19th August, 2013, celebrating Roman historical fiction… …and there’s a prize for the most interesting comment!  My novel, ‘The Serpent & The Slave’, is set in Britannia, in 367AD,  a turbulent time of invasion which hinted at Rome’s loosening grip on… Read more »

A simple bookstall – or not …

The idea was very straightforward: Buy some stock, get a small display unit/table, bring the laptop. Use a few posters. print some flyers. Find a comfortable slot in the town centre. Chat to the public. Sign and sell some books. Busking, but with books. Easy, right? Wrong. The local council said: ‘Sorry, we only have… Read more »

DCI Brendan Moran # 3 – a taster…

DCI Brendan Moran returns in the sequel to ‘Creatures of Dust’. The title is ‘Death Walks Behind you’ and the novel will be published in early 2015. In the meantime, here is the prologue … Prologue Linda Harrison wouldn’t have described herself as an outdoor type but she did enjoy her early morning perambulations, a… Read more »

Modus Operandi …

Or Odius Moperandi, as my Great Uncle Quentin used to say whilst throwing liberal bucketfuls of Flash over the kitchen floor… Sorry, it must be the heat. Not used to this sort of weather in Blighty. Anyway, I digress. The question is, ‘How do you write?’. I don’t mean how as such; I mean, I… Read more »

Days of positivity and days of …

You all know the feeling. You get out of bed and immediately feel great. One or two coffees later and you feel even better. The sun is shining, the muse is  kicking in like never before and your brain is in major creative mode. Today is the day you feel as if you could write the… Read more »

Advice for new Indie Authors . . .

Originally published on Indie author Rachel Abbot’s blog.  So, you want to be an Indie Author. Where do you begin? The Beginning . . .  • Write a great book in a genre that people want to read This is a really obvious one but you are making life very hard, if not impossible, for… Read more »

Tech Tip #2 – Word to .mobi format conversion – indents

This is just a quickie, but boy was I happy when I found out how to avoid my Word conversion to .mobi program indenting every chapter and new scene paragraph by the ‘special’ indentation setting I’d already entered for normal dialogue indents… Here’s what to do: For each first chapter paragraph and scene change paragraph,… Read more »