The party starts here . . .

Fellow author Andrew Blackman was kind enough to share the experience of his recent book launch with me, and as I am planning one of these for my new novel ‘Creatures of Dust‘ I thought it would be helpful to share Andrew’s experiences with you. After all, we all need a good launch, don’t we?… Read more »

End Game . . .

‘I’m slipping into grey. And I was (in my way) good to you. And you were good for me. Bye Bye my love. Going to play the End Game…’ Ian Anderson – End Game The relationship between author and reader is a close one  – or should be. You have created a world in which… Read more »

Walk on, walk off …

So, you’re writing your novel and of course it’s right and proper that you should spend time making sure your characters come to life – especially the main characters of protagonist and, if appropriate, antagonist. If the characters don’t come to life your readers will be unable to relate to and engage fully with the… Read more »

Beguiling Blurb – Part 1

We all love writing a synopsis, don’t we? No? You’re right. We all hate writing a synopsis. But there’s something even worse: the blurb. The blurb is the stuff on the back of the book which outlines the story in about ten lines. The blurb is, along with the cover, what makes people buy or… Read more »

Lost the plot?

Do you enjoy plotting? I don’t. Well, let me qualify that – I enjoy it at the beginning of the process when the germ of an idea that captivated me at the breakfast table progresses to a rough (and I mean rough) idea of where the novel is likely to go.  At that point I… Read more »

A lateral move . . .

When I started publishing my books I chose the Lulu option. Now, I’ve decided to abandon Lulu and port all my titles across to CreateSpace. Here’s why: I can choose a standard format (Lulu only allow 6×9) I can have a cream interior which looks much more professional The CS interface is very easy and… Read more »

Splendid isolation . . . an author’s retreat

I never get distracted . . . Oh yeah? So you reckon you can work at home, huh? Sure, you say. I can switch off the phone, lock the door, unplug the Internet . . . Then the postman knocks. And the dog barks. And your neighbour pops in for a chat or wants you… Read more »

How to amend a .mobi file

Quick Edit of .mobi file – Tech Tip #1 So, you have your new .mobi file ready to roll, lovingly converted from your MS Word manuscript by some kindly soul you met at Costa while having a de-stress session from writing (see earlier post). Or maybe they’ve charged you a small fee. Or a large… Read more »


Selling books the Indie way – a retrospective

Sales Sales Sales Well, Autumn’s well and truly here; the local woods are a painter’s palette of  fabulous colours and there’s even a thick ‘pea-souper’ mist this evening. What’s more, it’s just over a year since ‘The Trespass’ sold almost 6000 copies in one month (October 2011). So, what’s been happening since then? Firstly, I’m… Read more »

Scott contemplates breaking the next taboo

The subconscious author

How much ‘you’ projects into your writing? It’s an interesting question. Can an author successfully excise his or her views and attitudes to the extent that their characters are able to live and act entirely independently of the author’s own mores and general life-governing principles? I think the answer is ‘yes and no’. Yes, in… Read more »