Silent as the Dead

“An emotional homecoming - a murderous welcome ...”

Published Jan 2018

A call from an old friend whose wife has vanished from their home in Co. Kerry prompts DCI Brendan Moran to return to his Irish roots.

The Gardai have drawn a blank; can Moran succeed where they have failed?

Moran’s investigation leads him to a loner known locally as the Islander, who reveals that the woman’s disappearance is connected to a diehard paramilitary with plans to hit a high profile target in the UK.

Time is running out. Can Moran enlist the Islander’s help, or does he have to face his deadliest foe alone?

Silent as the Dead is the fourth novel in the popular DCI Brendan Moran crime series.

If you like Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, DCI Banks, and the Shetland TV series, you’ll love this tense and exciting crime thriller from CWA-shortlisted author, Scott Hunter.