The Fragile Cage

30 Nov. 2022

A brand new series from CWA award-winning author, Scott Hunter

April 1968. DC Cameron Kyle is struck by a bullet at a bungled stakeout.

He survives, but it’s clear that his old self didn’t. Once courteous and cautious, he now finds himself uncharacteristically outspoken, impatient, intolerant. His surgeon warns him that, due to the inoperable location of the bullet fragment, Kyle could die anytime; his psychologist’s prognosis isn’t much better – the words she chooses to describe his personality changes include borderline and psychotic.

Kyle is struggling to come to terms with his uncertain new existence when his one-time girlfriend pays him an unexpected visit. Emotionally fragile since Rebecca Wilson’s unexpected decision to ditch him, he is reluctant to see her, but immediately picks up on her agitated state of mind. Prison Social Worker Rebecca explains that she has been tasked with the rehabilitation of a dangerous lifer, convicted killer Kenneth Munday, and is anxious to share her concerns.

Twenty-four hours later Kyle learns that Munday has escaped and is on the run with Rebecca in tow. Kyle’s old boss, DI Patterson, wants to know all about her visit. What did she want with Kyle? Was Kyle involved? Did Rebecca let slip anything that might have a bearing on Munday’s whereabouts?

Kyle sends Patterson packing with some choice words from his new arsenal of bluntness, but his patience is subsequently stretched to the limit when Rebecca’s lawyer boyfriend, Sven Jörgensen, turns up out of the blue asking for help. When Jörgensen confides that Munday has been directly in touch, Kyle concedes that, having little faith in DI Patterson’s methods, he must set aside his animosity and join Jörgensen in the hunt for Munday. But will he be too late to save Rebecca?

The Fragile Cage is the pilot novel of a brand new new crime series featuring ex-DC Cameron Kyle.

How does this sound? A journey back in time to an era of no mobile phones, no internet, no 24/7, no political correctness and great music … oh, and page-turning action and excitement too …

Yep, that’s what I thought.

So here it is …