The Ley Lines of Lushbury

ISBN: 978-0956151087

Published Jan 2013

Have you ever looked at the great standing stones on Salisbury Plain and wondered: ‘How?’ or ‘Why?’

What motivated our ancestors to create this amazing monument? What is its purpose?

The stones are silent. They tell us nothing and yet there is an atmosphere about the place, something intangible, ancient…

The stones have power…

Perhaps within these pages you will find an answer…

Tim Herring moves to Lushbury and discovers that the countryside isn’t as boring as he had feared. Who is the strange girl in his garden? And why do the birds of Lushbury fly in straight lines? What is the mysterious mark on his arm and why do the church bells toll when the church has been derelict for years? Tim gets more than he bargains for as his questions are answered in the most terrifying way. The secret lies buried at Stonehenge, but when it is uncovered Tim finds himself fighting not only for his own life, but for the destiny of the world.

Long Listed for the Times/Chicken House Children’s Novel Competition.