The Serpent & The Slave

ISBN: 978-0956151049

Published Apr 2012

A novel of Roman Britain’s twilight years . . .

AD367: Britannia. The Southern Provinces are shaken by the most ferocious barbarian invasion in living memory. Marius, youngest member of the Corinium council, is caught in a web of intrigue when it transpires that the traitor masterminding the barbarian alliance is his parents’ murderer, the feared and hated Imperial Notary, Paulus Catena – The Chain

Narrowly escaping death in a bloody skirmish with an Irish war band, Marius is forced to undertake a hazardous journey to the mysterious Isle of Mona in a desperate gamble to destroy the alliance. He is accompanied by the fugitive slave and gladiator, Fraomar of the Alamanni, a man the emperor wants captured at any price.

Hunted not only by the savage Irish invaders but also by a team of elite imperial troops, Marius soon discovers that there are much higher stakes to play for than their own lives . . .

This is part one of The Chronicles of Britannia, a tale of heroism, loss, war and sacrifice as Rome’s westernmost provinces are swept inexorably to the very brink of the Dark Ages . . .


“Superb! A wickedly fast-moving storyline with bloodthirsty action, nail-biting tension, clever plotting and a strong sense of authenticity. Fans of Scarrow, Iggulden and Sidebottom will love this – and so will aficionados of Lindsey Davis’ Falco series. Just brilliant.” Berks Historical Literature Review.