Winter Solstice

May 2023

Thirteen years have passed since a series of strange events befell the quiet English village of Lushbury, events that seemed to be focused on and around a thirteen year old boy, Tim Herring.

On a chilly December afternoon, the now twenty-six year old Tim returns to his near-derelict family home on a mission to salvage his dad’s rusty Morris Minor. As he tries in vain to start the car he finds himself unexpectedly transported to another time and place where he is astonished to be reunited with someone he’d long ago dismissed as a childhood fantasy.

Tim soon realises that what happened in and around Lushbury was no dream. Worse still, he discovers that the ancient demon he knew as Adrian Masota has set in motion a chain of events designed to enslave the human race, seize control of time itself and so usher in an endlessly repeating cycle of darkness and destruction.

Can Tim defeat such a powerful enemy and at the same time rescue a dear friend from a terrible fate? Or will the Asomata bring their infernal plans to fruition? Only time will tell…