DCI Brendan Moran

Where did Brendan Moran come from? The short answer is that, at a particular point in an earlier novel (The Trespass), I found myself in need of a detective. And there he was, larger than life, cynical yet approachable, loyal yet keeping a distance.

Moran is a loner, but not a natural loner. Born and raised initially near Cork and later in Co. Kerry after his parents moved away during his teens, he was left in the care of the Hannigan family where he met and fell in love with Janice, the Hannigans’ eldest daughter.

They were engaged to be married, but Janice was tragically killed in a car bomb incident in the late 1970’s. The bomb had been meant for Moran, but a change of work routine that day prompted Moran to suggest that Janice borrow his car. He has never forgiven himself for Janice’ death, nor has he been able to settle into a relationship since.

Moving to England in the early nineteen-eighties, he joined the Thames Valley Police and rose through the ranks on merit. He has experienced various setbacks in his career since Janice’ death: he was almost killed in a car accident in bad weather conditions near Reading, and after his recovery was also injured during the course of an investigation into a suspicious death at Charnford Abbey.

Despite this, he has a warm sense of humour, a great sense of loyalty to his friends and colleagues and an acute knack of being able to figure people out. He has a taste for Italian wine, preferably Sangiovese, and any quality scotch whisky. He is an appalling gardener and owns a hyperactive cocker spaniel named Archie.