DCI Brendan Moran Series Update

The latest in the series, ‘Silent as the Dead’ is proving to be the most popular DCI Brendan Moran book yet, and I’m curious to know why. I suspect it may be to do with the revelations of Moran’s early life in Ireland, and the way in which these events  impacted his future. We learn a lot about his background, and this helps to build a more complete picture of our favourite Irish Detective.

For me, you see, character is all. The plot is important, of course, but it’s the reader’s fascination with the characters, their lives, how they deal with issues and problems – and how they overcome them (or don’t) – which, in my view, makes for an absorbing read.

With this in mind, there will be challenging situations aplenty for Moran and his team to deal with in the new novel (due for publication in November 2018) plus a new, rather unusual, team member and some surprising revelations.

A working title? Oh, all right then.

So far, it’s ‘Season’s End.’

But, like my previous working titles, set in stone it isn’t.

So it looks like I’m acting in character, as usual …

More news soon – keep watching this space!

Silent as the Dead – Available via my Books page

‘Once again Scott Hunter nailed it. Suspense from the beginning to the end. Well written and with just the right about of plausibility. For anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery…’ —Kobo